Submissive Niharika – About the story

“For Nishikant, sex plays out in his mind first. The how and why of it is the result of the themes that run in the subconsciousness. These are common desires that gets amplified through various mediums. Sometimes it’s a book; other times it could be a conversation he had with someone. Then there are the movies; literature; or theatre.

What the readers would read in this Novella is a medley of Nishikant’s cerebral interaction with the story of an Indo-pakistani writer he has been having. He had everything played out in his mind and that’s when he met Niharika, a conservative woman from a town in Southern India. Niharika turned out to be the perfect woman to play the part that Nishikant had in mind: A a naturally submissive flair and the willingness to satisfy his desires; and hers too.”